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Natural Areas

Looking for a place to unwind and see more inspirations for your own special oasis? The landscapes listed below represent just a few natural open spaces in the southwest, mindfully preserved from the ravages of some members of our human "civilization". Please exercise safe and courteous driving.

With Links:

  • Petroglyph National Monument:

    Chihuahuan Desert sand scrub flora and fauna, amidst rock artwork that lines a basalt escarpment that defines Albuquerque's West Mesa (including trails / Visitors Center along Unser Blvd NW, Albuquerque NM)

  • Franklin Mountain State Park:

    striking mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert core (Transmountain Road, east of I-10, El Paso TX)

Without Links:

  • I-25, between the Isleta Blvd. exit and the Isleta Pueblo exit:

    the last remaining area of Chihuahuan Desert scrub left in metro Albuquerque; thanks Isleta Pueblo! (S of Albuquerque NM)

  • Elena Gallegos Open Space Fee Area and Embudito Canyon:

    Arizona-New Mexico Mountains/Chihuahuan Desert grassland/Southern Plains meet here with a large network of trails, thanks to the US Forest Service and Albuq. Open Space (east of the strip between High Desert and Glenwood Hills, accessible from the end of Spain NE or Trailhead NE, Albuquerque NM)

  • La Cueva Picnic Area, US Forest Service Fee Area:

    Arizona-New Mexico Mountains, Madrean chaparral / woodland including native evergreen oaks (E of Juan Tabo Canyon Rd from Tramway, Albuquerque NM)