environmental design for the best climates in the world


Geography + Soils + Climate (average/annual stats) Ecoregion - Chihuahuan Desert (Creosote Bush-Sotol-Lechuguilla plant association) Elevation - 3826' above sea level Soils - gravel, andesite [pre-granite], clay Sunset climate - 10[b] Cold - 15-20F average yearly low = USDA zone 8b [arid], Sunset zone 10(b) Heat - 107F average yearly high Growing season [>32F] - 250 days average Mean temperature - 65F Precipitation - 7" [.2" of that liquid from <2" snow] average yearly ET rate [evapotranspiration] - 81" Sunshine - 293 days (193 clear <30% cloud cover + 100 partly cloudy 30-70% cloud cover) . Garden Pots, motel chairs, and a metal bistro table on my 140 sq. ft. patio (more to come) ...and... Two apartment buildings with almost blank planting areas with only gravel, tree yuccas, a fan palm, a few Texas Sage and Coral Vine, some invasive weeds and trash trees in a central courtyard with a now-inoperable fountain. It might be called "potential". . Residents Curve-billed Thrasher Cactus Wren Mourning Dove White-wing Dove Roadrunner Flies Sand ants Cicadas (3 species) Me . Officially - the last 65 years at the El Paso International Airport show the following climate data; of course, with our elevation ranges of 3700' to over 6,000' and 25+ miles distance across town, those are not always true for everywhere. Source - here. Temperatures (mesothermal / mild winters above 32F mean for the coldest month, hot summers >80F mean, mild springs interrupted with afternoon winds and dust storms, insanely mild falls) - 114F all-time high (1994) 105F average yearly highest 64F average annual (the same as San Diego, but...) 15F low average yearly lowest -8F all-time low (1962) Precipitation (arid - late Summer into early Fall is the "wet" or monsoon season, Fall through Winter and into early Summer is progressively drier) - 17.51" wettest year (2006) 8.56" average year 5.7" average annual snowfall 4.21" driest year (2003)