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This section has information intended to inspire the reader to maximize the potential of their landscape, whether travel. Much is yet to be added; keep checking for that.

High Desert / Southwestern Ecoregions

Different places that have a similar climate, soils and native plants are often classified as one "ecoregion" or "biome". Knowing a locations' ecoregion enables having the most successful landscape possible in a given area. It also explains why some landscape choices are doomed.

**Note - only the Chihuahuan Desert link is to a map of my making, and it is preliminary and not detailed out...yet; the rest of the maps are from other sources, for the present time, while my latest research and mapping is in progress. Also note that one ecoregion may contain smaller parts of other ecoregions, but it is difficult to see this at each map's scale.

GeneralEcoregionRepresentative City/Location
Southwestern USWarmer Ecoregions: coldest month > 32F
Chihuahuan Desert
  • Albuquerque NM
  • El Paso TX
Colorado Plateau / Navajoan Desert
  • Page AZ
  • Sedona AZ
  • Moab UT
AZ-NM Mountains (Madrean part)
  • Sandia Heights AZ
  • Silver City NM
  • Prescott AZ
Southern Plains
  • Tucumcari NM
  • Amarillo TX
Mojave Desert
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Bishop CA
Cooler Ecoregions: coldest month < 32F
Great Basin / NM-AZ Plateaus, Mesas
  • Gallup NM
  • Espanola NM
Central-Northern High Plains
  • Moriarty NM
  • Raton NM
AZ-NM Mountains (Rocky Mtn part)
  • Cedar Crest NM
  • Mountainair NM


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